Prestige skincare growth buoyed by cleansers and masks

The UK prestige beauty market grew to £2.3billion in 2014, up 5.2% on 2013 figures, according to data from market analysts NPD Group. 

Skincare recorded a 1.7% growth year-on-year, and remains the biggest segment of the market, with a value of £500million.

Anti-ageing is the dominant skincare segment, accounting for £165m and growing 1.3% between 2013 and 2014. 

However, it was the market for facial cleansers and masks that saw the most significant increase. 

Sales of facial cleaners hit £58.6m in 2014, up 13.9%, while the £6.5m turnover for facial masks constituted an 11.2% growth. 

Sales of brightening products also saw double-digit growth in 2014, up 12% on 2013 and worth £25.5m.

The facial oils market, while still relatively small at £3.9m, grew an impressive 23% between 2013 and 2014. 

NPD said the growing sales of products such as facial masks and oils demonstrate that consumer are now more interested in ”ageless beauty” than in turning back skin ageing time. 

June Jensen, director UK beauty for The NPD Group, said, "There’s been a huge shift in the beauty industry as consumers more then ever seek out products that refresh and revitalise their skin. 

“As they go back to basics, purchasing cleansers, masks and oils in ever-greater numbers, they are less concerned about looking younger.