How can I use my management software to attract new clients to my salon?

Q: How can I use my management software to attract new clients to my salon? 

A: Marketing functions contained in your software are particularly effective for this. This can come in many forms such as recommend-a-friend, loyalty schemes and points, or gift vouchers.

Regular and effective marketing can have a real impact on client retention, improving spend, attracting new customers and helping you to enjoy better return rates.

Recommend-a-friend marketing campaigns are great way of attracting new clients. Normally if a friend has recommended a particular product or service, you are more likely to try it out and you will trust what they say. Plus, if you give your existing clients loyalty points or rewards for recommending a friend then you are also more likely to keep your existing clients.

Gift vouchers are another effective way of marketing and you should encourage your existing clients to buy these for their friend or loved one as a way of introducing new business to your salon or spa. You could include your list of services and prices alongside the voucher to encourage them to get their appointment booked. Again, rewarding your existing customer for buying the vouchers means you are more likely to retain them.

Finally, loyalty points are really beneficial to your business as these can be rewarded for the activities mentioned above and it is a win-win situation. Existing clients can build up points to gain rewards and the salon may gain potential new clients in the process.


Sally Glover is sales and marketing manager at Salon Genius, responsible for business development activities, planning and developing marketing opportunities and the management of Salon Genius sales team activities.