What are the best methods for filling empty appointment slots on the day?

Q: What are the best methods for filling empty appointment slots on the day? 

A: Being able to manage your appointments effectively and fill any empty slots you have on day-to-day basis is one of the best ways of increasing revenue. One of the most important ways of getting those empty slots filled is by marketing your business but there are also plenty of ways you can help fill those empty appointment slots on the day.

Try up-selling a treatment to a client who is already booked in. If a client has come for a file and polish, you could try and take the pampering up a notch by asking if they want to upgrade to a deluxe manicure.

In your records, keep a note of which clients work part-time and are free on certain afternoons of the week. Then filling an appointment can mean just sending a quick text message or email to those clients that are free.

Use your Facebook or Twitter page to post your availability times and therapists for the day. In this modern world of technology and social media, quick responses tend to be guaranteed.

A-Boards might seem like a traditional way of marketing, but they are still the best way to attract potential clients passing by. Write all your available appointment times on the board and as they start to fill up, cross them off. This is a great way to let people know you’re filling up those empty slots fast.


Michellemarie Warburton is a salon and spa consultant at Premier Software. She has over 12 years’ experience in sales, management and marketing in the UK and internationally, as well as a background in beauty therapy.