Ask the experts: Male clients

Q: What is the most important advice to give to a therapist working on male clients for the first time?

A: Male grooming is about educating men in how to look good and relax. It is key that men are informed of what you are doing, and what aftercare they should follow up with. Most men do not even know how to shave properly, let alone which way round to cleanse, exfoliate, tone or moisturise.

Our therapists find men are generally easier to deal with because they want to be educated so they are all ears. Unlike women, they are often not comparing what you do to treatments they’ve had elsewhere.

Some men can be timid booking over the phone, so we launched an online booking system and email service that allows them to book discretely and at a time that suits them, whether it be on the 6am train into work, or when going to bed at 11pm.

Men generally do not re-book and we don’t necessarily encourage re-booking because they often forget despite text message and email reminders. They’re happier giving a few days’ notice and fitting around what we already have booked in, rather than working around a pre-booked appointment that may not end up being convenient. 

Let’s face it, men don’t have as much interest in skincare as women. They just want a result and to be pointed in the right direction. There will be no men’s pamper parties anytime soon, but they’re happy to spend if the product is good. They are easier to sell to than women. Some are taken aback by the price of a moisturiser, but also have faith in the therapist because they’ve often just had the experience of a great facial.

With men’s facials, extractions are pretty much a must. This may be not a perk of working with men for some therapists, but it gives a great before and after perspective. Men’s grooming is here to stay, so take advantage.

Matt Norris is owner of Essex-based male grooming salon Menace, which won Professional Beauty Male Grooming Salon of the Year Award in 2011.