Attracting younger clients could be the key to growth

Boosting revenue in the service industry essentially boils down to two options: increase the spend per head of existing clients or attract new ones. And while regular spa and salon-goers may not have cut their spend during the recession, many are more reluctant to increase it, so finding ways to attract clients who may not normally have come to you seems a smart move.

The anti-ageing market is still going strong but at the opposite end of the spectrum, major spas and brands are targeting younger clients as part of their business strategy this year. And it’s hardly surprising considering the attention that professional treatments have been attracting in cult teen TV shows lately.

According to Cowshed managing director Christina Russillo, the company’s new “Cheeky” brand taps into growing demand for treatments and products with a playful edge. However, targeting a very young market can mean changing the nature of your business and also brings its own challenges. As Elemis director Noella Gabriel says of the brand's new teen treatments is the March issue of the magazine, laws around treating under-16s without a guardian present are tight, so any treatment that has to be performed in the privacy of a treatment room needs careful consideration. 

If the thought of surly teens in your serene spa leaves you cold, however, there are plenty of ways to widen your reach among your preferred market segment. Our feature on organising client events explores some of the most successful. From treatment launches to make-up masterclasses, in-salon events are a great way to incentivise loyal clients to introduce their likeminded friends. Such events are also a great way to increase spend per head by offering clients something they don’t get on their usual salon visit.