Average make-up bags are worth the same as an ipad mini

A new study has found that the average British woman carries £231 worth of cosmetics in her make-up bag, the same as an iPad mini or a Tiffany necklace.

Online hair and beauty retailer Hairtrade.com conducted research on 640 women asking them about the products they carry around in their make-up bag and how much they pay. The results found on average that women carry 16 items with a value reaching £231.

The report generated a list of 16 products, moisturisers and foundations being reported as the most costly items in women’s make-up bags, with foundation at £18 and moisturiser at £21. If your makeup bag sounds similar to this then you too are carry around a belonging worth £231.

The survey also found that 98% of respondents wouldn’t treat it in the same way they would other items of a similar value such as a mobile phone, tablet or expensive jewellery. Only 3% said that they would claim on their insurance for their make-up bag if it were misplaced or stolen, despite 95% saying they would be lost without it.

One survey participant said, “I’ve never really considered how much they are actually worth combined. It is shocking to find out it’s actually worth more than my phone.”

A spokesperson for Hairtrade.com said, “British women love their beauty products, and that’s reflected in the worth of their make-up bags. Women like to prepare for every eventuality.”