Beauty expert launches campaign for safety in beauty industry

Beauty author and personal coach Antonia Mariconda has launched a campaign for safer practices in the beauty industry, which aims to expose unsafe practices and keep the public informed.

Mariconda said: “We all have the right to look and feel better about ourselves, but that doesn’t mean we deserve to suffer the consequences of damage inflicted by incompetent practitioners.” The campaign, which will run on Twitter using the hashtag #safetyinbeauty, is intended to hold unscrupulous, uninsured or even illegal practitioners to account. There are plans to register the campaign as an official charity in the New Year, to help victims of malpractice.

Mariconda said: “It’s all about people power now. Doctors, surgeons and beauty professional are all in this to make a living as it’s a hugely profitable industry. I’m not, so therefore as a member of the public, I stand for and represent the people.” 

The official launch of the campaign, which took place on October 17 at the W Hotel in London’s Leicester Square, saw various female celebrities come together in support of the campaign. Many industry professionals and medical practitioners have pledged their support for the initiative already.