Beauty pros are multi-skilling to stay competitive, finds Babtac

Beauty professionals are cross training to offer more services to their clients and stay competitive in the industry. A recent study by Babtac found that one in four beauty and hair professionals are undertaking some form of training to become multi-skilled.

The survey, which spoke to 1,455 beauty and hair professionals working in the UK, found that of those who said they were undertaking, or seeking to undertake extra training, 68% said they were prompted by demand from their clients, and over half (53%) said that they were looking to bring in more income.

Babtac’s marketing manager Sarah Condon said, “There is certainly a movement in the industry to see multi-skilling become far more commonplace. It shows that people working in the industry really care about developing their skills to be the best they can be for their clients.

“The industry is growing all the time, with new trends and fashions and technology all bringing new things to the fore, and keeping up to date is very important if you want to succeed.”