Bizarre Beauty

By Jade Burke, Professional Beauty Intern 

Starting my internship here at PB, I’ve noticed a variety of spa treatments that have stood out compared to the standard massage. These three in particular have caught my eye, and would possibly be of interest to some of your clients.

beatlesRelax and let it be

With the New Year comes a chance to replenish our bodies in the form of spa treatments, and there are plenty to choose from, ranging from the luxurious to the downright odd. One such therapy that stood out to me is ‘A Hard Days Night,’ located in the Lush Spa, Liverpool.

The Beatles-themed treatment was the brainchild of the Liverpool Hard Days Night Hotel, which approached Lush’s manager Sandra Byrne and Simon Emmerson, the music co-producer who is responsible for interpreting the classic tunes.

The collaboration developed the idea of a relaxing, stress relief massage, choreographed specifically to handpicked Beatles songs to reflect the mood and journey clients will go through during the course of the treatment.

It starts with clients changing into soft pyjamas and then they are asked to climb into warm bed sheets, paying homage to a typical evening indoors with the added attention to detail and luxury a spa can offer. The pressure of the massage is applied through the sheets, instead of a typical skin massage. This new application keeps customers comfortable in their surroundings, while the firm massage is still able to manipulate the muscle and re-energise your body. 

The unusual combination of an intensive massage and iconic music, performed by Simon Emmerson and other Liverpudlian bands such as Stealing Sheep, sends you into deep relaxation, while limbs are stretched and lifted using silky ribbons, emulating the elegance of the Cirque du Soleil acrobats.

Priced at £85 for a 75-minute treatment.


k westWinter wonderland

The idea of sitting in a sub-zero room clearly isn’t for the faint-hearted, yet K West Hotel in London is offering its customers an invigorating way in which to cool off through the use of their “Snow Paradise.” The cabin helps relieves bodies from the warm sensation of hot massages or a stint in the sauna, by keeping temperatures at a cool -15C. The wooden hut is a dreamy wonderland, filled with powdered snow, made entirely of air and water, allowing customers to experience the icy Finnish landscape.

Although the wintery chill seems like something we would all like to avoid, considering the current weather we have to face, this can offer many health benefits.

Customers are advised to alternate between hot and cold therapies, as the sudden temperature change helps to stimulate the body’s circulation, benefiting the respiratory and immune system.

Developed by German Spa specialists, Klaffs, guests can experience the snow spa for a daily rate of £50, or can enter free of charge when booking two-hours worth of treatments.


limewoodStuck in the Mud

Another treatment that caught my attention is the Rasul Mud Therapy, as the idea of being covered in mud from head to toe seems a little unusual. However, located in the New Forest, the Herb House at Limewood Hotel comprises mud and steam within their very own Mud House, so customers can experience a traditional Arabian body treatment. The Mud House has been designed to cater for two or more people, making it a great opportunity for loved ones or friends to relax together.

Guests are asked to shower and are then able to slather each other in mineral-rich muds, gathered from the glaciers of the Austrian Alps, to help moisturise and prime your body. You can then sit back and soak up the warmth of the heated benches, whilst a fragrant steam flows into the room, rehydrating and gently exfoliating skin. The pureness of the steam and mud draws out impurities and toxins, as well as soothing skin and warming and softening tight muscles.

For 45 minutes this treatment will cost two people £90, and due to the detoxifying purities within the natural mud that is used, it is definitely worthwhile.