Boosting self-esteem key reason for Brits having cosmetic surgery

Above: The desire for weight loss is a reason for undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures 

Boosting self-esteem is the most common reason for Brits to have cosmetic surgery, according to new research from market analyst Mintel. 

Over half, 51%, of Brits who have had or are planning to have cosmetic surgery were motivated by a desire to be more confident. 

The wish to feel more attractive was the motivating factor for 36%, while 22% said they had the procedure to look younger. 

The waistline is the top area of concern for Brits, with 37% expressing dissatisfaction with this part of their body, followed by teeth (30%), bum, hips and thighs (26%), hair on the face and body (18%) and the breast and chest area (17%). 

Nearly a quarter of Brits, 22%, said they would consider having excess skin removed to boost their appearance, while 19% said they were open to the idea of liposuction. 

Respondents were also open to other cosmetic procedures, with 40% saying they would be interested in teeth whitening, 27% in permanent hair removal, 20% in tattoo and mole removal, 16% in a breast enlargement, lift or reduction and 16% in an eyebrow and eyelid lift. 

Jack Duckett, consumer lifestyle analyst at Mintel, said: "There is significant growth potential for procedures related to weight loss, including excess skin removal and liposuction.

The high level of pressure from the government and health organisations on consumers to lose weight is likely to continue to intensify over the coming years as an increasingly obese population continues to put strain on NHS resources."