Botox manufacturer launches media campaign to reduce stigma of fillers

Botox manufacturer Allergan is to set to launch a UK media campaign to try to change perceptions of ageing and of advanced anti-ageing treatments such as dermal fillers.

The core message of Allergan’s campaign is to demonstrate that facial fillers are about embracing, not fighting, the ageing process and to encourage people to talk more positively about ageing.

Extensive research for the campaign was undertaken on 2,000 women, and revealed that there is a social stigma attached to having facial fillers and a lack of understanding surrounding them, with many people believing that they look unnatural.

Other key findings showed women today felt more positive about ageing, and that ageing well is more important than looking young. Only 20% of women said they wanted to look five years younger but 41% said they wanted to look fresher and more radiant.

Zoe Fenn, associate director at researcher Flamingo, which led the study, said, “The anti-ageing category trades on worries and anxieties that don’t really represent the way most women feel – they are much more self-accepting and take a moderate view to beauty and improving their appearance rather than coveting the images we are used to seeing in magazines and adverts.”

The campaign, which has been titled #THISISME, features six women aged 35 to 69 who have previously been treated with Allergen’s facial filler Juvéderm.

Allergan’s vice president and managing director Caroline Van Hove said, “Our bold campaign #THISISME features women of all ages and backgrounds, encouraging other women to continue to embrace the positives about getting older, but empowering them to make their own treatment choices and not to be ashamed, so they can age as they want to.”