Spafinder launches gift cards for difficult times

Spa breaks and gifts website Spafinder Wellness has introduced gift cards specifically for people going through a hard time. 

The I Care e-gift cards have been launched to give a much-needed boost to those dealing with challenging situations, such as illness, bereavement, divorce or unemployment. The cards can be used at more than 20,000 spa and wellness locations across the Spafinder network. 

Mia Kyricos, chief brand officer of Spafinder Wellness, said: “The cards are a way to touch a loved one, often from afar. We felt it was time there was a vehicle to transport that message of caring directly.”

A percentage of profits from the gift cards will go to the non-profit Wellness for Cancer educational fund, which Spafinder is partnering with. The partnership entails providing training for spa and wellness centres on treating people who have been diagnosed with or are in remission from cancer.

Kyricos said: “We hope the gift cards will help people give their loved ones a gift that truly comforts them, whenever they need it most.”