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Q&A with Franz Linser, CEO Linser Hospitality and VAYU Medical Resort and a 2015 Professional Spa & Wellness Convention speaker.

1- What have been the most important spa industry developments in the past few years?

Definitely the growing demand for wellness offers. Both the financial crisis and the hectic lifestyles of many of us triggered an unparalleled quest for relaxation, healthy living, balancing, detoxing and generally quality of living. Wellness tourism is growing 50% faster than the average tourism and will stay on the forefront for the years to come. Pampering offers in spas are stagnating (on a high level though), the growth rates are in the wellbeing sectors. For the first time, people ask for change and improvement of their conditions and for change rather than distraction.

2- Which are the most pressing issues currently facing the spa & wellness industry?

Following the above, there is significantly more need for professional lifestyle programs prepared and customized by professional consultants and - consequently – more need for professional staff in the field of wellbeing and lifestyle issues.

3 -What industry changes would you like to see in 2015?

I would like the industry to (finally) realize its new socio-political and socio-cultural role in modern societies. Health systems are close to collapsing, repair medicine nearly unaffordable. Thus, one of the most lucrative fields of development of our industry will be to motivate people to lead healthier healthy lifestyles, to provide corresponding programs and to offer all that in the unique ambiance of spas and wellness centers around the globe.

4 -Why industry event such as PSW Convention are so important?

It brings together industry professionals from all over the world, it motivates the audience with great speakers and topics and it is located in great city.

5 -What would you like the audience to take away from your session?

New insights in our creative and innovative view of the industry and – above all – the motivation to go home and implement these ideas right away in their daily work processes

6 -Which sessions are you most looking forward at this year convention?

I will participate as much as I can. My interests and my thinking is – by nature – interdisciplinary. 
Franz is Founder and CEO of Linser Hospitality, an international consulting firm based in Innsbruck, Austria. Linser Hospitality focuses on the hotel, wellness and health industries and one of his core competences is the tailor-made development of wellness and health concepts, services and products.

Franz Linser will be speaking on Sunday 22 February at 9.40

Session: Trends part 1: Regional Trends in spa & wellness for the next three years.  Trends in spa, wellbeing.

CHAIR: Jeff Matthews, President Steiner Spa Consulting and Chief Operating Officer, Mandara Spa (Bali)

Susan Harmsworth, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, ESPA International (UK)
Adam Glickman, Head of Even Hotels (USA) 

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