Brazil and healthy products set to shape consumer buying habits

Products promoting health and all things Brazil could be most in demand from beauty consumers in 2014, according to industry analysts Mintel. The organisation has revealed four consumer trends it believes could shape the market next year.

Mintel’s senior trends consultant Rich Cope has outline the four trends, examining where the commercial opportunities for brands will be.

The four trends are:

1.    Internationalism on the agenda – Britannia fever has had its hay day, driven by the Olympics, Royal weddings and births. However, Mintel reveals that British consumers are now curious about new and better value products from abroad.  58% of consumers said “the price and the quality of what they buy is what matters, not where it was produced”.

2.    Club Tropicalia – The World Cup is going to make the world fall in love with all things Brazilian. Mintel says that beauty is a segment where Brazil is most established in the consciousness of British consumers but there is potential for more products, services and brands to cross over.

3.    A Private Function – Intrusion of privacy is one of the biggest bugbears for consumers, with 59% of consumers agreeing online advertising that is based on their browsing history makes them feel uncomfortable. Cope advises that brands should start to take heed of their marketing activities and how they advertise online.

4.    Healthy Fuels – According to Mintel’s research, UK consumers are open to the prospect of new “healthy” launches. While Mintel focused on consumers wanting more “natural” energy drinks. “Natural” ingredients in products seem to be a key driver as to what consumers buy.