Bridal tanning trends from tanning brand Kissed by Mii

This week we asked tanning brand Kissed by Mii to advise on the latest trends and share some tips to help this season's brides to get a perfect look.

Far from the deep dark tan of summer runways past, the models on the spring/summer 2015 catwalk looked effortlessly healthy with a natural radiance. This trend for honey-glow skin is perfect for brides - who want to look more natural on their big day - and for those with a paler skin tone who want to sport a touch of colour between the seasons. 

For the salons wanting to give their clients 'that golden hue' the newest shade of Kissed by Mii, Effortlessly Easy Professional Spray Tan in Light Tan, will take your clients from pale and pasty to healthy and honey-toned, all while keeping a beautifully natural look.


Enriched with marine mineral extracts, the new Light Tan contains 6% DHA for a radiant sun-kissed glow, and also has a lighter guide colour to give an accurate preview of the colour as it develops. With a golden base tone the formula develops in just six to eight hours.

Kissed by Mii Tanning Expert Shelley Henderson shares her top tanning tips for bridal tanning:

1. Consultation is key
Tanning trials are highly recommended for the bride-to-be to ensure she gets the right look; you will be able to see how many days before the wedding to tan her (generally three to four) and ask her how she plan to wear her hair and make-up, as well as the dress colour, as this could affect the shade choice.

2. Tan the whole team
The groom and the rest of the bridal party shouldn't pale in comparison. Offer a package deal to include them all.

3. Prepare for success
Make sure she knows how to best prepare her skin for the tan and has all the homecare products she needs. Seriously Smoothing Exfoliator will slough away any dry skin and leave a perfectly smooth surface (salon price: £6.45 ex VAT for 200ml; RRP: £12.95 inc. VAT), while Seriously Smoothing Moisturiser will hydrate and condition the skin for a flawless tan, and contains plant collagen to enhance and prolong the colour (salon price: £6.95 ex VAT for 200ml; RRP: £13.95 inc. VAT).

4. Less is more
We recommend a bride chooses a colour a shade or two lighter than her usual tan. The NEW Light Tan is perfect for brides, especially if the bride's skin is contrasting against a white or pale dress as you don't want the tan to look unnatural in photos.

5. Make it last
Include essential aftercare in your bridal package. Recommend that she moisturise daily and exfoliate four days after her spray tan to keep her skin soft and smooth, and to allow the tan to fade evenly. You could even offer her a reduced price colour to-up, to keep her glowing throughout her honeymoon.

6. Be on call
Leave your client with your phone number in case she has any pre-wedding questions about her tan.