Launch of seasonal beauty products on the rise

Above: Mintel predicts a continued increase in the number of beauty product launches linked to the climate - both hot and cold temperatures 

Seasonality has become a key beauty trend, according to market analysts Mintel. 

New research from the company reveals that 11.1% of new beauty product launches in 2014 were linked to the seasons – up from 9.8% in 2011. 

Facial skincare launches with claims that directly relate to the effect the different seasons has on skin and hair accounted for 1.2% of global beauty product launches last year, up from 0.5% in 2009. 

Mintel research shows that consumers around the world are becoming increasingly aware of the way in which changing weather conditions impact their beauty regime. 

As many as 80% of German consumers said their facial skincare needs alter during the year, while 48% of female Chines consumers of skincare products opt for different brands depending on the season. 

Jane Henderson, global president of Mintel’s Beauty and Personal Care Division, said: “Our research shows that consumers are becoming increasingly aware of and concerned about how changes in the environment are affecting the condition of their skin and hair. And beauty manufacturers are taking on the elements within their product innovations.”

With this growing consumer awareness representing new market opportunities for brands, Mintel predicts a continued rise in the number of seasonal beauty and personal care products. 

Vivienne Rudd, director of insight, beauty and personal care at Mintel, said: “The future will see the arrival of boosters that address cold, damp weather as well as the extremes of dryness. 

Meanwhile, extreme summer conditions are calling for products which protect the skin from heat and humidity as well as UV damage, and which build up resilience against the forthcoming autumnal changes. By creating these seasonal options, brands have a chance of building year-round loyalty.”

*Image: M&Co