The Happy Hippie Collection

Bio Sculpture Gel launches the latest colour collection for Spring/Summer 2015, The Happy Hippie Collection.

The collection comprises 5 fruity pastels that are inspired by a bohemian carefree spirit. They make the perfect accompaniment to that crochet dress with the plunging neckline, flowers in your hair and those psychedelic shades.

No.194 - Dream Catcher (yellow) - Nothing screams Summer quite like sherbet lemon nails, free spirit, youth and fun all in one.

No.195 - Flower Child (pink) - A fabulous bright pink, perfect for pairing with your full-length gown, just the ticket for a summer wedding.

No.196 - Free Spirit (coral) - Pair this neon coral with something brown for a classic 1970’s colour class.

No.197 - Bohemian Beauty (blue) - This cornflower blue is a true beauty.

No.198 - Catch the Wind (green) - An intense yet bright green, that will no doubt appeal to those Ibiza types in their romantic cheesecloth dresses.

Bio Sculpture Gel releases seasonal colour collections twice a year. Their experts look into the key trends across the leading fashion houses in order to create the most up-to-date palette for your clients. With a range of over 140 colours, the possibilities are endless.

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