Brits not protecting skin as 27% burn when abroad

Britons are still not looking after their skin in the sun, with women and younger people the worst offenders.  

In fact 27% of Brits havs experienced sunburn on holidays abroad and 14% of respondents said they had burnt whilst on a UK holiday, according to the new figures from surveys and quizzes specialist Quizfactor.

Women were the worst offenders, with 30% admitting to getting sunburnt, compared to 25% of men.

Surprisingly, more people had suffered sunstroke in the UK sun (9%) than while abroad (7%).

The survey asked 20,000 UK residents about their attitudes to protecting against the sun. 

The findings also showed a huge variation depending on age, with 16% of 26-35 year olds saying they had been burnt, while only 8% 56-65 year olds had been. Some 13% of the younger demographic had also suffered from sunstroke.

Quizfactor marketing director Rick Eastman said, “It is surprising with all the sun-safety awareness campaigns informing us that skin cancer is linked to sun damage that some folk still choose to sit out in the sun burning their skin.”

These findings illustrate that people still need information about the risks associated with burning. Salons can help educate consumers with providing details on how to protect correctly and the dangers of developing skin cancer.  

In October 2012, Professional Beauty reported on the Skin Cancer Awareness Campaign launched by Habia Skills Academy. It was introduced to raise awareness among industry professionals so they could pass on guidance to clients.