C+C VITAMIN products and treatments by NATURA BISSÉ: The ultimate vitamin cocktail for radiant skin

The summer season is here! And since you’ll be more exposed to the sun, your skin will generate more free radicals, the main factors for premature aging. To get ready to fight against them —thus, to prevent sagginess, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation— your skin will need an extra vitamin infusion!

Vitamins, which are powerful antioxidants, neutralize the negative impact of free radicals, and vitamin C is the queen of antioxidants par excellence. NATURA BISSÉ, a pioneer in skincare research and innovation, created C+C VITAMIN LINE based on this potent antioxidant, which protects your skin while boosting the skin’s vitality and repairing signs of aging.

Products and treatments within this line —such as the facial Citrus Vita-Essence or the body treatment Maxi Firm Body Citric among others— offer exceptional rejuvenating effects, potent firming action and maximum hydration and luminosity, to reveal radiant and supple skin.


The latest additions to this line are the best antioxidant solutions and provide the skin with macro-protection:

C+C OIL-FREE MACROANTIOXIDANT® SUN PROTECTION SPF 30 is a world première in skincare: the first cosmetic to contain MacroAntioxidants®. These powerful macromolecules are found in the skin of fruit and offer an unprecedented protection against free radicals.

C+C DRY OIL ANTIOXIDANT SUN PROTECTION SPF 30 is an ultra nourishing oil with vitamin D, ideal for body, face and hair.

Choose NATURA BISSÉ C+C VITAMIN products and treatments, the ultimate vitamin cocktail to lighten up your skin!

NATURA BISSÉ is currently looking forward to growing its presence within the UK. If you are interested in partnering with the brand, please contact at administration@naturabisse.co.uk