Cirépil by Perron Rigot

Ingrown Hair Serum
The specially formulated Ingrown Hair Serum eliminates and prevents the formation of ingrown hair. The product’s concentrated active ingredients (including glycolic acid, bisabolol, witch hazel and aloe vera) soothe the skin and prevent the appearance of small bumps, thanks to their soothing and anti-bacterial properties. Ingrown Hair Care Serum leaves the skin feeling soft and supple, for ease of future hair removal.

Ingrown Hair Double Scrub
Ideal for use before and after waxing, this Ingrown Hair Double Scrub combines a chemical and mechanical exfoliation to refine the skin, preventing the formation of ingrown hairs. It also prevents the appearance of red blemishes caused by ingrown hairs, while its paraben free formula leaves the skin soft and smooth for a more efficient wax.
Use 48 hours before a waxing session, and once a week between waxes.

Tip: apply onto dry skin before a shower for enhanced effectiveness!

price: £17.00 & £18.00