Lack of phone customer service among UK day spas
Only 6% of UK spas ask callers what they are looking for from a treatment and just 13% actively encourage them to make a booking, according to new research. 
The annual Spa Call Focus survey, carried out by customer insight specialist Leisure-net Solutions, also found that many spas display a lack of interest in callers’ needs and preferences. Many directed the potential customer to a spa menu or brochure, rather than take a booking over the phone. 
The study – which assessed 15 UK day spas by phoning them on three separate occasions over a seven-day period in October – also found that 65% of spas answered the call within five rings or less. In the vast majority of cases, eight out of 10, the person answering the phone incorporated the name of the spa into their greeting. None of the spas asked the callers if they had visited the spa before. 
Mike Hill, managing director of Leisure-net Solutions, said: “Typically, more than 40% of enquiries are made over the phone, so it pays to get it right.” He added that “Learning what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong when it comes to telephone customer service is a crucial element of spa success.”