Code Beautiful VLM mascara a huge hit

By Philippa Ako, Professional Beauty intern

Every mascara out on the market claims to be the next, big thing, but few match their hype. So, it was a pleasure for the PB team to be sent a product that actually does the business!

Code Beautiful is a new business venture for Kirsti Shuba, managing director of Collin distributor Fraser Muir, and Sarah Cross, who runs marketing agency Uber, and its new product is the perfect introduction into the industry. The brush is brilliant; it really gets to the root of your lashes and coats every last bit, building length and volume.

Another feature we all gushed about was the packaging. CODE Beautiful VLM  has a cool Japanese vibe, taking inspiration from other great brands such as Superdry and Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Girls and L.A.M.B. There’s also a great beauty tip on how to apply the mascara, which we can all testify has led to our mascara being more definitive and lasting that bit longer.

Find the product at Code Beautiful's website