Corporate wellness in focus as The Dolder Grand launches Meet in Balance

Above: The spa library at The Dolder Grand 

Switzerland’s award-winning Dolder Grand resort has launched Meet in Balance, offering a health-focused twist on meeting and events. 

Meet in Balance includes four different programmes for meetings and teambuilding days, resting on the programmes under the Dolder Grand Life Balance umbrella: Relax, Beauty, Vitality and Detox. 

All programmes include meeting time in the library located in the spa, a group fitness class, lunch in the spa café, spa treatments for all group members and use of the spa facilities. 

The fitness activities, spa treatments and lunch options differ depending on the programme chosen. 

Meet Relaxation includes an introduction to yoga or mediation and a D-stone hot stone massage, while Meet Inner Beauty offers introduction to yoga, pilates or body shaping and a Nature’s Organic Firming Facial by Amala.

As part of Meet Vitality, participants experience an introduction to boot camp, running or power workout and have the Body Ritual by Kerstin Florian with the Authentic Moor Mud wrap and a massage. 

Meet Detox comprises introduction to meditation, body shaping or core training, the Body Ritual by Kerstin Florian with the Eco Chic Spirulina wrap and a massage. 

Meet Relaxation and Meet Detox also include the Dolder Grand Detox Relax Ritual, a self-guided experience for the face, body and hair. 

Lunch options include a wholegrain chicken wrap for Relax, a cold passion fruit cucumber soup with scrimp skewers for Beauty, organic salmon with a herb salad for Vitality and fruit and vegetables shakes for Detox. 

The launch of Meet in Balance is in keeping with a current industry trend for healthier meeting options. 

Starwoods Hotels & Resort’s Westin Well-Being movement, which launched last year, includes offering SuperFoodsRx health food at meetings.

Hilton Hotels and Resorts’ Meet with Purpose comprises healthier dining options and a focus on portion control at events, among other elements.