Cosmetic surgery numbers fall as consumers seek natural look

Number of cosmetic surgery procedures decreased by 9% in 2014 according to data recently revealed by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (Baaps), the number of cosmetic surgeries performed in 2014 shrunk to 45,506.

The number of patients seeking liposuction in 2014 grew 7% year on year, showing the popularity of fat reduction procedures among consumers.

The biggest decrease was for procedures such as breast augmentation, nose jobs, and tummy tucks, while the numbers of less conspicuous procedures such as eyelid surgery and face or neck lifts staying relatively flat. Baaps dubbed this trend “tweaked not tucked”, with former president Rajiv Grover commenting, “In cosmetic surgery the natural, less-is-more look is definitely on the rise.”  

The shift could indicate positive signs for the salon market offering non-invasive advanced procedures.