Daily SPFs for the face

Published 17th Jun 2015 by PB Admin
Daily SPFs for the face

By Georgia Seago, assistant editor 

Summer is here (I think?) and it’s all about SPF. Predictable, I know, but important too.  We all know how important it is and there really are no excuses not to wear SPF daily (on the face at least) even in the depths of winter, though I’d be lying if I said I did this myself.

One of the reasons a lot of clients still don’t wear SPF on their face is because traditional formulas were thick, greasy and often strongly scented. That was then and this is now – there are so many new formulations of sunscreens developed specifically for use on the face that are non-comedogenic, basically invisible and even double up as a primer before make-up. A word of caution about tinted options: make sure clients know that their product should be a sun protection product first and tinted second to ensure they’re getting adequate protection.

Clients should also opt for an SPF that is broad spectrum (meaning it provides both UVA and UVB protection) and has a PA+++ rating. Depending on the brand, the product may also display a UVA rating of a certain number of stars. The stars range from 0 to 5 and indicate the percentage of UVA radiation absorbed in comparison to UVB. An SPF of 30 along with four or five stars is generally considered to be a good standard of protection from a product.

That being said, here are three of my suggestions:

Piz Buin

Piz Buin Dry Touch Face Fluid SPF30 is a very thin lotion that dries instantly. It really is dry touch – there’s not a trace of uncomfortable stickiness, which makes it ideal to wear under make-up.





NeoStrata Sheer Physical Protection SPF 50 is incredibly light for a factor 50 and gives skin an ultra-sheer yet mattifying finish, with a subtle tint to blend with the natural skin tone.




Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield SPF 30 is designed to prime and protect while also blurring imperfections and hydrating skin. The formula is completely invisible and has a surprisingly cooling effect on the skin – perfect for annoyingly hot days, of which we maybe get two a year in the UK, but still!

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 17th Jun 2015


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