DestinationSkin to launch first Skincare Awareness Week

DestinationSkin, a chain of registered non-invasive skin solutions clinics, is launching its first ever Skincare Awareness Week, from May 11-17.

The week will aim to raise awareness of the importance of taking proper care of the skin for both woman and men, following research by DestinationSkin which found that many UK consumers are unclear on the role that proper skin care can have on preventing premature damage.

The new national study of women and men aged 18 -65 revealed that although more than half of people (55%) considered themselves to be aware or very skin care aware, they weren’t sure exactly how they should be protecting their skin to prevent signs of damage and ageing.

A third of people in the study thought that sun damage only occurs on sunny days, when in reality UVA rays are constant throughout the year. As a result, less than 20% of respondents wear SPF every day, and just 40% only wear an SPF on sunny days.

In addition, 40% believe that the SPF protection found in products such as make-up is sufficient protection from harmful rays. In truth, we never apply these cosmetics liberally enough to achieve the protection quoted on the bottle, according to DestinationSkin.

Skincare Awareness Week will see DestinationSkin’s 21 clinics nationwide promote a bespoke combination of cosmeceuticals and corrective skin treatments aimed at helping the public protect, prevent and correct past and future skin damage.

Consumers can also have a skin scan to show any skin damage invisible to the naked eye. For every ‘selfie’ shared online after a skin scan, DestinationSkin will donate 50p to a charity partner.

Dr Toni Phillips, clinical director at DestinationSkin, commented: “It is clear that the majority of the population don’t have all of the facts when it comes to skin care and aren’t aware of simple changes they can make to protect their skin against signs of ageing. In such a crowded market, we hope to educate the public on how they can become skin care aware and protect their skin now to prevent damage later on.”