EF Medispa to offer Vitamindrip menu

Aesthetic clinic chain EF Medispa (www.efmedispa.com) has partnered with Vitamindrip, a US-based intravenous Micro-Nutrient Therapy company, to provide a menu of bespoke treatments across its central London locations.

Vitamindrip offers fully bespoke micronutrient mixes to give the body fluids, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The new menu offers ten mixes to support the body, including blends for a low immune system, hydration and detox. All mixes contain base ingredients of magnesium, vitamin C and 0.9% saline solution. Each drip is individually prescribed and tailored to help support a client’s needs.

“I am so thrilled to be collaborating with EF Medispa on Vitamindrip. Their reputation and credibility is second to none, and for me there was no other London clinic we would wish to partner with to bring Vitamindrip to London. We have enjoyed tremendous success in North America, and I am excited about the roll out of our patented, bespoke IV therapy in the UK with the help of Esther Fieldgrass and her team of highly trained experts,” commented Frank Stillo, founder of Vitamindrip.

“I am really excited to launch Vitamindrip’s menu in London. We have been offering clients intravenous vitamin and mineral drips for the past seven years, and pioneered the Drip & Chill lounge, providing clients with the advantages of IV infusions in rehydration and immune boosting treatments in the comfort of a spa-style environment,” said Esther Fieldgrass, founder of EF Medispa.