Europe leads male grooming market

Europe was the leading region for male grooming product sales in 2012, with an estimated global market share of 35.4%, according to analyst Kline & Company.

The total male grooming market in Europe rose by 0.8% in 2012 and the UK market grew 0.7%.

This gradual growth in the UK and Europe was in stark contrast to growth in Asia, which, said Kline, is a far less developed market for male grooming so is likely to grow faster in the next few years.

Wage increases and interest in personal appearance becoming more socially acceptable were also cited as reasons for growth in Asia in 2012.

The research found that India had shown the highest growth, with sales up 32% year on year.  Kline attributed the rise to a “growing consciousness among men concerning their appearance combined with an increasing awareness regarding the benefits of products specific to men”.

It said male grooming in China and India was only just developing as a trend, helped by greater disposable income among consumers.

Nancy Mills, Kline consumer products practice industry manager, said she had noticed “a major cultural shift observed across all age groups of men in countries previously reluctant to extend male grooming beyond basic cleaning and shaving. Essentially, this is opening up a largely untapped market that consists of half the population.”