Experience the next generation of non-invasive cosmetic treatments with Genie Complete System


Genie Complete is an innovative slimming and toning system that incorporates the most powerful non invasive face lift machine on the market today.

The Genie Complete uses the unique mediwave technology (also known as the Baxendale wave) to effectively re-shape and re-contour the face and body.

Mediwave is a safe waveform up to 1000 times stronger than conventional micro-current found in most electrotherapy treatments available. Because of the strength of the waveform, treatment times are shorter than micro-current treatments and results are visible after just one session.

Mediwave technology has been further developed and combined with the body shaping system that forms Genie Complete. From slimming, toning, and detoxing the face and body, the Genie Complete System provides a complete “workout” in just over 30 minutes.

For participating salons, please call Genie on 01928511661 or visit www.genie-tech.co.uk for more information.