Marketed as a non-invasive alternative to fillers and designed for at-home use, Swiss-manufactured Fillerina has launched in the UK.

The Fillerina products include a blend of peptides and six hyaluronic acids of different structure and weight, which work together to plump the skin and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

The Fillerina 14-day treatment pack contains two weeks’ worth of daily doses of the brand’s Dermo-Cosmetic Gel Filler, Nourishing Film and precision applicators. 

The brand recommends applying the treatment morning and night for 14 days, using the applicator to release one millilitre of the gel filler onto the areas of concern and leaving it on the skin for 10 minutes. The Nourishing Film is applied for moisturising effect.  

Fillerina is also available to purchase as single, daily treatment, doses. The Day Cream, which is SPF15, features lower doses of the ingredients in the get filler and has been created for maintenance results after the 14-day treatment.

The Night Cream similarly contains lower doses of the gel filler ingredients, in addition to shea butter, sweet almond, rosehip seed and wheat germ oil, fern tree extract and vitamin C to nourish the skin and yeast extract to repair it.

The Eye and Lip Cream incorporates vitamin E, rice bran and sweet almond oil to nurture and strengthen the sensitive skin around the eye. 

All Fillerina products are available in three different concentrations: Grade 1 to treat moderate lines, wrinkles and signs of sagging, Grade 2 for cases where the concerns are more visible and Grade 3 for deep lines and wrinkles and more severe sagging of the skin.