First BB cream for nails to launch in August

US brand Orly is to launch an industry first – a BB cream for nails.

BB, or blemish balm, creams have caused waves in the skincare market in recent years. These products bridge the gap between moisturiser and foundation and are popular with consumers seeking a two-in-one solution.

Orly has now adopted the concept and repurposed it for the nails world with its BB Crème, a multipurpose nail treatment formula, which will hit salons in August.

The paint-on liquid is designed to moisturise, whiten, smooth texture and protect nails from UV. With a pearlescent finish that covers imperfections, it can be used alone or as a basecoat or topcoat.

Key ingredients include hyaluronic acid to smooth and perfect the surface of the nail, sodium hyaluronate to hydrates, glass microspheres to protect against chipping, ascorbic acid (vitamin C) – an antioxidant to protect the nail from free radicals, and titanium dioxide to whiten and brighten.