Flavoured polishes are latest innovation in pro nail market

A new company has launched supplying speciality nail products to the professional market, including flavoured nail polish. The new brand, named Flair Pool Nails, launches today and is the brainchild of former nail tech Margery Cougar, and will feature 12 flavoured polishes.

Hero products in the range include Marmite flavoured polish, Stuck In Tar, shimmering pearl prawn cracker-flavoured Snap To It, and the fiery orange Scotch Bonnet chilli flavoured shade, The Heat Is On.

Cougar said, “I had the idea when I was making toast and accidentally spilt some Marmite on my fingers, and I thought it would be a great idea for a business. There’s definitely a gap in the professional market for polishes that offer something a little different.”

Other flavours of polish in the range include mango chutney, Szechuan chicken, detoxifying kale and blue stilton. Cougar also revealed plans to launch a summer range of barbecue flavours, as well as a festive range in November.