Focus on health and nature drives the wellbeing destination market

Wishing to do something for their health, enjoying nature and the reputation of the facility are key motivating factors when consumers book a stay at a health and wellbeing destination, according to new research. 

The EU-funded Health and Wellbeing in Tourism Destination  (WelDest) initiative found that the number one reason for a stay at a wellness destination is the desire to improve one’s health. 

This was closely followed by an interest in experiencing nature, while the reputation of the property ranked as the third most important factor. The WelDest project, which comes to an end at the end of this month, was carried out over a two-year period. Spearhead by five higher education institutes, in Austria, the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany and the UK, it was conducted in collaboration with 10 industry and 15 associate partners across the five countries. 

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