GSWS and SRI International issues call for spa industry survey participation

Above: Ophelia Yeung, senior consultant at SRI International, presents the Global Wellness Tourism Economy report - another collaborative effort with the GSWS - at the 2013 summit in Delhi, India 

The Global Spa & Wellness Summit (GSWS) and research body SRI International have announced that they are once again collaborating on research to gather international spa industry data. 

Collaborating on the Global Spa Economy study in 2008, the GSWS and SRI International are currently in the process of updating the 2008 figures – to provide a look at the state of the global spa and wellness industry in 2014. 

The two organisations are encouraging spa and wellness professionals around the world to complete the 10-minute survey that provides the basis for the research. The questionnaire divides business into seven categories:  

Data from the completed survey will include information about the number of spas in different regions around the world, global industry growth rates and the wider economic impact of the growth of the spa and wellness sector. 

To complete the survey, which is set to remain open utnil the end of July, click HERE