Germaine de Capuccini launches the highest concentrated formulation of Epidermal Growth Factor + HA Formula (EGF + HA)

Germaine de Capuccini, after years of research in the field of molecular biology and with the support of Inves Biofarm, Institute of Biotechnical Research & the University of Granada are about to launch a revolutionary anti-ageing treatment based on Epidermal Growth Factor.

The biotechnical research has enabled the company to develop a spectacular anti-ageing treatment based on EGF representing an effective and non-invasive alternative to injections and surgery.

It’s Actions:
•    Eliminates wrinkles
•    Increases the thickness of the skin, restoring suppleness & firmness
•    Favours the appearance of new skin, reducing the effects of cellular oxidation

The concentration of EGF within the formula is the highest within the aesthetics industry and is exclusive to Germaine de Capuccini. 

The concentrated formula:
•    Induces the proliferation of keratinocytes and fibroblasts
•    Activates the synthesis of collagen, the extracellular matrix and the formation of hyaluronic acid, increasing the elastic consistency of the skin and its hydration.
•    Carries out a preventative anti-ageing action (anti-oxidising)

HA Formula
A high pharmaceutical concentration of high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid obtained through an intricate biotechnological process for a high level of purity, guaranteeing intense hydration.  The concentration within this formula is much higher than is currently available within the aesthetics industry.  This formula is an excellent film-forming agent that prevents water loss. It regenerates the stratum corneum, protecting the skin against the formation of wrinkles and provides it with softness and smoothness. It also helps to prevent and soothe inflammation, and is therefore suitable for the most sensitive of skin.

The treatment will be available at a limited number of exclusive Germaine de Capuccini Spas and Salons, the client will undergo a 15-day program which consists of 2 in-salon treatments taking 65mins each time, plus a home care regime using the Synergyage GlycoCure Concentrated Booster formula before their usual treatment cream twice daily.

Clients can expect to see dramatic results which increase over time. The volume and length of wrinkles are notably reduced and fine lines disappear. A reduction of 29.7% in depth, 37.3% of volume & 28.7% of the length of wrinkle are typically achieved. The texture of the skin is refined, the facial contour becomes more defined and the skin is completely revitalised.

Studies carried out in collaboration with the University of Granada:
20 Clients aged between 44 and 66 years of age, using systems of instrumental measurement and self-assessment for 5 weeks gave the following results:
90% of clients would choose to receive this treatment over an invasive injectable
100% Clients reported a visible wrinkle reduction
85% lesser depth and length
90% firmer skin with a redefined facial oval

In Vivo test using EGF+HA Formula with Virtual Mesotherapy (DTI System)


In Vivo test using EGF+HA Formula Manual Application


The treatment will be available for the consumer by January 2015 at selected Germaine de Capuccini outlets.

Media Contact:

Carole Jones
0845 600 0203