Green Prestige – A Beautiful Eco Innovation


Green Prestige is the latest eco-focused innovation from Nilo

Designed to provide the beauty industry with a range of ethical and environmental equipment, Green Prestige is an extension of Maletti Group’s Green First collection – the world’s first eco-friendly salon furniture range.

In keeping with Maletti’s commitment to eco-friendly furniture, Green Prestige uses materials and designs that have minimal impact on the environment. Combining recycled and recyclable materials, energy saving features, ergonomics and aesthetic design, Green Prestige creates interiors that are practical, but still environmentally sensitive.  At the heart of the range is the Green Prestige beauty bed with its comfort enhancing design and practical integral storage.

Built at Maletti Group’s ‘Zero-carbon’ Italian factory, Green Prestige combines beauty beds, reception & waiting furniture, backlit onyx-covered walls and floors with LED lighting to create a total wellness and luxurious ‘Green Cabin’ environment.  This “total concept” enables spa, hotel and beauty salon owners to deliver a wide range of beauty services in a limited space without compromising on environmental ethics.

Either as a total package or as individual items, Green Prestige offers the conscientious beautician the means to create their own unique and eco-friendly beauty salon environment.

Whether a new beauty salon, a re-fit, up-grading furniture or adding a new service, contact Nilo at Maletti UK and they’ll help turn your dreams into reality!



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