Hair removal seen as essential for women by 83%

83% of people across Europe consider hair removal essential for women, according to a new survey.

French manufacturer of sensual products Soft Paris surveyed 2400 people across three countries in Europe on their attitudes towards female body hair, after a number of celebrities have spoken out against hair removal.

Madonna posted an armpit hair selfie and Cameron Diaz commented that body hair is a woman’s right, after seeing the now pulled Veet “don’t risk dudeness” adverts.  However, 90% of people said this hasn’t changed their attitude towards hair removal, with 96% saying they would not grow their underarm hair and 88% saying they would not grow their bikini line.

The survey also revealed that 79% remove their hair for hygiene reasons, but 54% worry about health implications of hair removal including ingrowing hairs, lesions and infections.

One man in 20 finds body hair sexy according to the results.