Heavy brows and contouring named top beauty trends of the decade

The power brow and contouring with make-up have been named the top beauty trends of the decade in a new survey.Beauty association Babtac conducted the survey of 2,844 British women, ranging from 18 to 73 years old to find the top 10 beauty trends of the last 10 years.

Heavy eyebrows, made popular by the likes of model Cara Delevigne and brands such as HD Brows, was voted in at number one, with 67% of respondents naming this as one of their favourite recent trends.

This was followed by Kim Kardashian-style contouring at 63%. Dark berry-coloured lips, bright red lips and the smoky eye all also made the top five.

Respondents submitted their own answers or selected multiple answers from a list of beauty trends.

The full top 10 included:

1. Heavy eyebrows – 67%
2. Contouring – 63%
3. Dark ‘Berry’ Lips – 51%
4. Pin-up red lips – 48%
5. Smoky eyes – 47%
6. Winged eyeliner – 41%
7. Glossy lips – 39%
8. Nude lips – 24%
9. Pencilled beauty spots – 16%
10. Natural look – 15%

After giving their answers, the women were then asked to reveal how they learned to recreate their much-loved beauty look, to which 79% replied that they had learned through trial and error, whereas 59% said they watched online tutorials on websites such as Youtube to improve their skills and learn new make-up tricks.

Only one in five of the women, 21%, said that they were taught skills by friends or family members.

Emma Roberts, Marketing Executive at BABTAC, commented, “The more glamorous trends certainly came out on top, as per the bold brows, contouring and sultry berry lips. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and her younger sister Kendall Jenner are definitely very influential on the UK beauty scene right now.”