How can I speed up my UV gel application technique?

Anna Germaine reveals how you can achieve great application in a set time frame:

Technicians often need to be able to perform a nail treatment in a set time limit; after all time is money, especially in a busy salon.

In the early stages of your career it’s best to focus on building up your self-confidence before you worry about speed. Let clients know that you are fully qualified but relatively new to UV gel nails, and that you will adjust your prices accordingly. This way you won’t feel under pressure and your confidence will grow. Time keeping will automatically improve with experience.

Great application is all about preparation. It’s vital not to rush this part of the process or take shortcuts, as correct prep work is the foundation for any successful nail enhancement. However, there are some tips and tricks that may help you improve your speed. Electric files will cut filing and buffing time in half, but it is vital you are professionally trained and confident enough to use them as they can be extremely damaging if used incorrectly.

Check that your brand of UV gel is self-levelling and then apply the gel in thin layers, especially at the cuticle area, as this will save you time later when you shape and buff. Try flash-curing the first layer of gel for 10 seconds, as this will be just long enough to ensure it won’t budge, allowing you to move on to the next step in the application. For the second layer, though, make sure you cure for the recommended time.

Anna Germaine is director of professional nail care company The Edge Nails & Beauty. She has worked in the nail and beauty industry for more than 20 years and works with salons to maximise their business skills