How should I adapt my service when treating a teenage nail client?

Nikki Austin, PhD bachelor educator for distributor Nail Harmony UK, tells Professional Beauty how to treat teenage nail clients.

Nails are getting more and more popular, especially with younger people and teenagers. Many teens want their nails to be bright and show some form of art or additional bling. They can wear the brightest of colours and get away it.

It is important to remember these young ladies are our future bread and butter clients, and therefore should be treated as such. Don’t dismiss on the basis of age. Offer them a great experience and they will come back – and will recommend your services to others. Do not treat teenage clients as children in terms of their spending power. They might have a part-time job or birthday money to spend.

But if a client that is obviously of school age walks into the salon wanting some nail art then do remember that first you need to check your insurance to ensure you are covered for under-16s. You will need parental consent and will also need to complete a client record card and make sure it’s signed.

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