How to choose the right aesthetic equipment for your salon

1. What inspired your range of facial aesthetic clinics?
The drive to ensure my clients' wellness needs are met gave me the inspiration to provide that little bit extra. I always wanted to offer a wide range of aesthetic facials to reduce the signs of ageing and help my clients to feel good in their own skin. They already love my services, so I wanted to offer quality and effective treatments with quick and amazing results.

2. Which Lynton equipment do you use at your clinics?
At my salon, I use a brand new Excelight IPL System, as it’s a medical-grade machine, it’s safe to operate and it has a wide range of treatments for skin and hair.

3. Are you happy with the clinical results you see?
My clients and I are very happy with the clinical results achieved, from pigmentation to red vein, acne and hair reduction. 

4. Why did you choose Lynton as your aesthetic technology supplier?
I was researching for a good IPL machine for a couple of years and my research kept taking me back to Lynton Lasers as they are a trusted and reputable company and have amazing reviews for their equipment.

5. What advice would you give to a clinic considering laser or IPL?
Make sure you double check what treatment would be most suitable for your clients and go for Lynton Lasers for sure, because with Lynton you will find a proper IPL machine that will suit them.

Adna Cristina provides beauty therapy, make-up and training at home-based beauty salon Adna Cristina Beauty. A qualified and experienced therapist and make-up artist, her aim is "to pamper clients from head to toe to bring out their individual natural beauty". She is also a qualified Dermalogica Skin Expert and member of The Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists. 

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