How to extend make-up services beyond bridal and special occasions

Rupert Kingston, Creative Director of New CID Cosmetics, tells Professional Beauty magazine how to extend make-up services beyond bridal and special occasions.

A make-up service needs to be a year-round proposition from your salon. Bridal and special occasions are great services, but how do you get customers through the door in February and October? Everyday make-up is a very personal routine for many women – so why not offer a make-up makeover service by inviting ladies in to consider their long-term make-up routine. You can then offer tips on improvement and ultimately sell them product. New CID runs ID Studios where clients book a consultation with a make-up artist to discuss their existing routine. They are then offered ways to update and improve it based on age, skin type, trends and perceived negative areas, then the make-up is applied. These events can also be marketed as “girls’ night-in” packages with nibbles and bubbly. We also offer the option for the client to be photographed with their makeover, and you could do this by tying-in with a local photographer.

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