How to get trained for new aesthetic treatments

What has emerged so convincingly over the past few years is that these “new” treatments which have predominantly ‘migrated’ from the medical world, can really work! What is only now starting to be understood is how combining certain of these procedures can further enhance the beneficial effects of the treatments.

A fundamental understanding of the core knowledge behind the treatments is however essential to combine them safely with others for maximum effect. This is exactly why there is reluctance by the medical profession and increasingly many local authorities, to allow a continuation of self regulation within the industry. Increasingly insurers are taking a lead by only insuring those who have proven their safety and competence by successfully completing approved training courses.

Increasingly clients expect instant results and ‘zero downtime’ after treatment to counteract the effects brought on by long periods of lifestyle ‘excesses’. Poor diet - too much sugar and fat - and too little exercise, are the main cause of today’s ‘epidemic’ of obesity and the cause of cellulite that has become “public enemy No 1” together with signs of ageing in the demand for treatments. What has taken years to put on, is expected to come off instantly!

Nothing beats lifestyle and diet change for lasting improvements, but increasingly we can accelerate and hone changes through advanced treatments.

Teaching therapists to do so safely as well as effectively is what the Academy of Advanced Beauty strives to do! ‘Fat freezing’ works if done properly, but can take months to show it has done so. Breaking down the crystallised frozen fat cells, can accelerate the process. Doing so safely needs to be learned. There are a number of treatments that work and that can be combined effectively when you know how … LLLT (Low Level Laser Treatment), Cryotherapy Induced Lipolysis and  AWT (Acoustic Wave Therapy), are the three new treatments which  are so exciting on their own, made even more so when combined.

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