How to make a good profit from intimate waxing

Published 17th Sep 2019 by PB Admin
How to make a good profit from intimate waxing

Australian Bodycare UK has teamed up with Surrey-based salon Queen Bee in the Woods to offer a Babtac-accredited course in Intimate Waxing, designed for those who are trained in warm waxing and would like to  enhance their treatments. Queen Bee in the Woods owner Carol Paterson answers some of the most commonly asked questions about bringing intimate waxing into your salon:

What are the benefits of introducing intimate waxing to salons?

"Intimate bikini waxing has proven to be one of the most requested treatments of the last 12 to 18 months. There is still some taboo about doing intimate waxing, and it certainly should not be undertaken by the faint hearted. It takes skill, tact, experience and expertise to do the treatment effectively but, with all these elements, a salon can increase its profit margin and reputation by offering such a professional service. 

"The treatment cost can be quite high, and customers are rarely surprised to pay in excess of £25, so this is a treatment that should be considered for all waxing menus."

What advantages has waxing got over other forms of hair removal?

"After the initial growth that is needed, waxing offers possibly the smoothest results of all temporary hair removal. When carried out professionally, the hair is not distorted and the regrowth, after a short period of time, appears softer, sparser and takes longer to be seen or felt."

What contraindications for intimate waxing should salons include on their consultation form? 

"All the usual contraindications should be observed, as well as asking a few other pertinent questions such as:

- is the client menstruating? This could potentially be unpleasant for the client or the therapist so it is best to know in advance.

- is the client pregnant? If so, I advise them that they should seek a doctor or midwife’s approval first.

- it may also be wise to ask about any skin irritations or STDs, especially herpes."

Where can therapists get specialist training?

"There are several specialist facilities but, as with all training, you must find somewhere that you are comfortable with and that offers accreditation for the course. Most waxing companies, including Australian Bodycare, offer intimate wax training. Always check the credentials of the chosen trainer before parting with money." 

How much can therapists charge for the different types of waxing services?

"Amazingly, anything upwards of £25. The first treatment can take up to 45 minutes so price accordingly."

What is the best kind of wax to use for intimate waxing?

"Without a doubt, hot wax. I use Australian Bodycare Hot Wax for all my intimate waxing because it’s much gentler and it’s easier to manipulate and handle." 

What is the most common mistake therapists make with intimate waxing?

"Positioning and not stretching the skin enough. This will cause bruising and can tear the delicate skin of the labia. The client must get involved with this and all shyness needs to be put to one side."

How can I adjust the attitude of my therapists to this treatment if they are awkward or shy about it?

"I don’t think you can or should. Some therapists are not comfortable being that intimate with others and I feel this should be respected. Any reluctance doing this treatment could cause embarrassment for both parties and could actually lose clients. Stick with those that are confident and leave the other therapist to do things they are comfortable with."

What do salons need to have in place before they introduce male and female intimate waxing?

-       "Competent staff
-       A private waxing area
-       Good products
-       Consultation sheets
-       After care cards and products
-       Disposable gloves
-       Full training
-       Insurance"

How much detail should a treatment menu provide, without frightening men or women off?

"This can be both confusing and difficult to describe. The menu should be clear on each type of intimate wax offered, as well as a simple explanation, such as “Brazilian - all hair removed from the pubic area, except for a central strip.” In reality, a therapist will only remove what the client asks for, and the terms Brazilian and Hollywood are only guidelines."


About Carol Paterson:

"When I qualified 27 years ago, Brazilian and Hollywood waxing was almost unheard of. I was initially taught how to do a totally hairless bikini line by dancers on cruise ships, and at that time we were only using sticky wax and a wax strip. Ouch!

"These days, things have changed hugely. Please don’t assume that these treatments are just for the young – most of my clients are menopausal women. Despite reports that Hollywood waxing is a trend or fad, I don’t know any of my clients that would rather be hairy when they have got used to feeling smooth in this delicate area."

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 17th Sep 2019

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