How to put together a complete slimming package for your clients

With the wedding season fast approaching and summer holidays just around the corner, it’s important to have an offering for clients wanting to lose weight.

Gill Hardy, owner of Universal Contour Wrap, speaks to Professional Beauty magazine about how to offer clients a complete slimming package.

“It’s important to develop a bespoke package for each individual that tackles the issue fairly aggressively. Determine what your client’s goals are – is it a holiday, wedding or special event? Set the end date then plan your calendar backwards from that point. One treatment a month isn’t going to deliver results; you need to tackle the issue with a range of different therapies and homecare. Essentially, you must ensure that the programme is realistic, achievable and measurable. You want your clients to get great results and tell their friends. Consider infusing incentives of gifts or discounts into the programme, to motivate clients. Include a variety of treatments such as cellulite treatments, two or three body massages that stimulate lymphatic drainage and a series of body wraps. These need to be scheduled in a tight time frame and interlinked with exercise and healthy eating advice. If you can, follow it up with homecare such as a slimming and firming lotion and body brushing. To be truly effective you need to incorporate lifestyle changes, advice and support, and think about the client from a wellness perspective. Clients want to see results, particularly with slimming treatments.  The one size fits all approach is useful for some clients and helpful from a marketing point of view but to deliver a first class service the very best salons create bespoke packages for each client based on their goals.” 

This is a feature taken from Professional Beauty magazine.

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