In the Know: Gemma Jones

What can I say to clients who think spray tans are dehydrating and not good for the skin?

DHA – the key developing ingredient in all spray tan solutions and self tanning products – can certainly diminish skin hydration, but this tends to be when using a solution that develops to a very dark tone due to a higher percentage of DHA.

You will find that any spray tan solution that has a DHA of 13% and above dramatically dries the skin. So it’s best to stick to levels under this point. Your clients can still obtain a dark colour with spray tan solutions around 12%-13% DHA, anything above this is really unnecessary.
Also, look for spray tan solutions that include ingredients that will aid hydration while the spray tan is developing, such as aloe vera and vitamin E. Moisturisers like these will hydrate and condition the skin but not affect the DHA as it develops, giving you a longer-lasting tan and optimum colour.
Finally, advise clients to follow a good aftercare regime.  Moisturising their skin daily is essential for a great  tan and will help the product to fade evenly, avoiding patches and streaks and giving them the perfect, long lasting, tan. 

Gemma Jones is brand manager for professional tanning brand whitetobrown, a position she has held for nine years