In the Know: Jordi Morcillo

What do I need to be aware of when carrying out peels, to ensure it is the right peel for that client's skin, and that I don't inflict any damage?
The client’s safety is the most important aspect when carrying out a peel treatment. Firstly you should identify the client’s skin concerns and why they want the peel.

The next step would be to identify what type of peels the client needs. Should it be a pigmentation, deep cleansing or anti-ageing peel, or a peel to help with acne, for example? 

It’s beneficial to choose a peel from a reputable brand that has carried out research, development and clinical trials in this area. This way, you can ensure that your client will be receiving the safest peel treatment, reducing the risk of damage to their skin.

By doing your research you can also select a peel treatment that is safe and delivers visible results, which is ultimately what your client is looking for. 

The rise of the medi-spa transformed the peels. What was once a harsh clinical procedure that could only be carried out by medics has developed into a safe treatment with medical results that can be carried out in a spa, or spa-like, environment. 


At Skeyndor we have devoted nearly 50 years to the research and development of our peels. We recognised that peels were too harsh on the skin and needed to be carried out in a much safer way and in a more relaxed environment – taking the clinical aspect out of the treatment. 

Through the development of our Derma Peel range, we have created a peel treatment that is suitable for a range of skin concerns, with a combination of various peeling techniques used in the same session. The combination consists of physical exfoliation, chemical acid exfoliation, enzymatic exfoliation and biological exfoliation – offering a visible improvement and long-lasting results. 

Jordi Morcillo is the chief executive of Skeyndor, based in Barcelona, Spain. Educated at Berkley University and Harvard Business School, he joined the family business after graduation. Jordi has a passion for the international cosmetics industry and a strong interest in cosmetic product development.