In the Know: LPG Systems

I want to introduce machine-based face and body treatments at my hotel spa, but it's a big investment. How can I be confident that the investment will pay off? 

The spa clientele has changed and is now very demanding. Clients want comprehensive treatments and immediate results without having to give up their wellbeing objectives. 

When choosing the most appropriate technology for your spa, you need to keep this in mind, and try to offer treatments that will not only encourage in-house clients to visit your spa more regularly, but also help differentiate your business and attract and retain local customers. 

These clients are important because they can visit your spa all year round, helping to reduce the impact of seasonality and balance your daily visits.

It can othewise be difficult for a resort spa to really be profitable: to minimise the impact of seasonality, increase treatment room occupancy and optimise therapists’ productivity.

The introduction of new technology in your spa will boost treatment quality and [add treatments that offer] immediate results, while boosting profitability. The selected technology should, however, reflect the philosophy of the spa and be compatible with the other manual and cosmetic procedures you offer – in order to be a real part of your treatment menu. 

Machines are a big investment, so it’s important to select a serious and reliable company, whose products have already been proven to be efficient and have been thoroughly tried and tested by customers worldwide. 

The technology you introduce needs to be reliable and safe, in order to not only trigger your customers’ interest, but also make them feel confident enough to test it and have a treatment. 

Claude Geri is international area manager for LPG Systems. Geri has been with the company for more than 10 years, working in countries and regions including Russia and Eastern Europe, Canada, South Africa and the Middle East.