In the Know: Natalya Quandt

What type of recommendations can I give clients to brighten dull winter skin?

Winter is heavily upon us and many clients will now be experiencing dry skin and increased sensitivity.

Advice them to switch skincare routines – adjusting to the season can help their skin be as beautiful as ever.

The main thing to do is to exfoliate and stimulate the skin with a professional peel. This is key to achieving polished skin without causing irritation. 

AHA peels gently dissolve the bonds that hold skin cells together and help to hydrate and exfoliate the skin. Benefits of lactic acid peels include moisturising and skin barrier-protecting effects.

Meanwhile, the anti-inflammatory properties of salicylic acid is great for acne-prone skin, while retinol increases cell renewal, promotes the generation of healthy new skin cells and improves the skin’s natural ability to heal and rehabilitate itself. 

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Above: Skin can need extra care in winter 

This winter, HL Professional Skincare is educating clients to look after their skin by using a gentle cleanser with probiotics, a calming no-alcohol toner with ceramides and a heavier moisturiser with humectants – to give the skin the extra protection it needs to alleviate dry skin and prevent sensitivity 

Dr Natalya Quandt is a cosmetologist/dermatologist/consultant and the owner of Intercharm, which distributes HL Professional Skincare in the UK. She regularly attends industry shows and conferences around the world, and can be found showcasing HL Professional Skincare on stand P52 at Professional Beauty at ExCeL London on February 22-23 

Images, left to right: La Redoute/River Island