Industry experts launch consultancy for independents

Four well-known industry names have joined forces to launch a consultancy called Beauty Business Experts, which aims to offer affordable services to independent salons and spas.

Fran Hayter, who works as head of beauty for Regis and operations director for Destination Skin on a consultancy basis, among other roles, has linked with Lisa Knowles, who runs consultancy The Spa Set, Anna Alfano, director of SAS Recruitment, and Chloe Nelson, who runs an eponymous PR company and is also director of Ladypillo.

Beauty Business Experts (BBE) will offer advice on all aspects of setting up and running a salon or spa, including branding, recruitment, business development and buying or selling a property.

Hayter said that unlike the usual terms of hiring a consultant, BBE would offer its clients the option of more casual services such as a weekly call or even a one-off chat, in addition to the more in-depth training. “We’ve been working on setting up the company for a year,” she added. “It’s targeted at independent operators working on their own with little support. We’ll give them access to advice at a much lower rate than a consultant.”

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